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Wine Cabinets and Displays

Our cabinets and displays keep your products at the temperature you want, and present them to your customers in an optimum setting.

Our wine cabinets and  displays are the ideal method to present wine in an elegant and refined way, to store wines correctly and, thanks to the different temperature settings, to maintain the correct service temperature for each specific kind of wine.

Here we showcase our refrigerated wine displays, wine coolers, wine cellars, furniture systems for wine bars and wine shops and refrigerated and neutral bottle displays for restaurants, hotels and also exclusive private homes.

Parete Vino

(Wine Wall) is an innovative modular system for assembling a fully-equipped wall to display, store and serve wine bottles. The different types of frames and finishes can match any type of decor.  Parete Vino is equipped with an innovative cooling system based an elegant display.


Quadro Vino

An innovative wine cooler, with a sophisticated design to store and serve a variety of wines at the correct temperature. Silent operation, low energy consumption and reduced depth allows installation in small spaces. Quadro Vino id the first refrigerator in the world that can be hung over a sofa!


Teca Vino

Teca Vino is sober but elegant with the ability to store and serve a variety of wines at the correct temperature. Deliberately minimalist the bottles are displayed horizontally to enhance visibility providing the perfect wine showcase.


Teca M

The wine display case “Teca M” comes with the clean and elegant lines of the classical Teca but differs in versatility and the wide range of available finishes. The frame structure is made of aluminum and the design allows multiple units to be connected units together to increase capacity.


Teca Cioccolato

The elegant transparency of Teca Chocolate allows excellent visibility of the pralines and consequently a better exhibition and sale of the product. The microclimate with controlled temperature and low humidity allows you to preserve the aesthetic and organoleptic quality of the product over time. Despite having a display capacity much higher than a traditional praline counter, the Teca Cioccolato can be inserted even in very small spaces.


Teca Gastronomia – Pasticceria

This category includes the countertop refrigerated showcases with static and ventilated refrigeration, useful to display and store sandwiches, desserts, appetizers, snacks, as well as a buffet line of showcases, chilled with eutectic plates, used mainly in the breakfast hotel buffet. This product line has the well known “Cornice” style, recognised and appreciated for its simplicity and excellent presentation skills.



Expo’s bottle display is the best solution to manage the exposure of bottles in the back counter instead of traditional shelves. The proposed method is innovative and practical, it gives a better visibility of the bottles by the customer and an easier work of the barman.


Wine Dispensing

Our wine dispensers will preserve your wine for up to 30 days, serve at 3 precise pre-programmed volumes and store your red and white wines, each at their ideal temperature!
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Wine Bottle Sleeves

Bottle sleeves make your table elegant and refined at the same time its thermal efficiency allows you to keep your wine or champagne at the perfect temperature.
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Glass Polishers

Glass dryers and polishers with five or eight brushes are the ideal solution for all types of glasses, giving a crystal clear finish, and eliminating all water marks and streaks.
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