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Blog: Ireland's #1 Brand of Wine Dispensing Systems

Eliminate Loss + Increase Revenue + Enhance Customer Experience

Did You Know…?

85% of retailers report that sampling increases sales 25% or more

86% of industry experts state guests will choose higher priced wines by the glass over a bottle yielding higher profits

47% Sales increase per year for wine by the glass programs when half glass offerings are added to the menu


Solutions for Every Business

  • Eliminate heavy handed pouring and skimming by your staff with portion controls
  • Reduce product spoilage and shrinkage with 60 day wine preservation
  • Drive new revenues with on demand sampling and flights
  • Showcase premium wines
  • Improve guest amenity and experience with on demand by the glass dispensing


Ideal for Airports & Arenas

Large and rapidly fluctuating capacities create unique operational challenges for these high volume environments. Our Wine Dispensing and Display system immediately provides the solution to gain control over your wines by the glass program while providing the flexibility to stay ahead of the changing tides of demand. From Luxury Lounge Suite to Sky Club, our Wine Dispensing and Display system can keep your operations from being grounded and deliver a slam dunk to your bottom line.


Ideal for Hotels & Resorts

Provide your hotel and resort guests with a memorable wine tasting experience. Hotel room key integration gives your guests the freedom to effortlessly access wines by the taste, half and full glass.

Our Wine Dispensing and Display system offers hotel and resort operators instant access to product tracking and reporting, while streamlining operations and reducing costs associated with over pouring, theft and spoilage.


Ideal for Restaurants & Bars

If you are a restaurant or bar owner, then you are probably familiar with the high costs associated with over pouring, theft and spoilage. Our Wine Dispensing and Display system eliminates these problems with perfect pour and extended preservation up to 30 days.

Fully automated for staff or self-service applications, learn how our Wine Dispensing and Display system can create a memorable dining experience for your customers.


Ideal for Fitness & Business Clubs

Looking for a cost-effective way to offer your customers an alternative to the standard beer and spirits found at most sports and business clubs?

Our Wine Dispensing and Display system provides your customers with a unique wine tasting experience that guarantees a perfect pour while preserving each bottle of wine for up to 30 days.


Be part of the 1,000s of businesses that have discovered why our Wine Dispensing and Display System makes sense


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