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Blog: Freezerino Gold Champagne Bottle Holder

Freezerino® : the bottle holder that keeps fresh the temperature of your bottle.

The synergy of technological materials and hand crafted finishes make this bottle sleeve a stylish and elegant new way to sip the champagne.

The elegant gold colour of this bottle holder matches every form of furniture and environment, enhancing and embellish the content; at the same time being thermal allows you to be able to get for more than 1 hour a fresh bottle without using ice.

This product brings elegance and sophistication to your dinner in any environment; perfect for any occasion, providing a touch of sophistication and class that your customers will remember.

It can be used for promotional purposes – inserting your logo and your name or as a wonderful gift – embellishing the bottle of champagne or sparkling wine.

It’s perfect in a high class disco environments and fine restaurants – or any elegant and refined environments.

The producers of this wonderful product, from Pescara, Italy wanted to create a fashionable purse for wine bottles. But they didn’t stop there… they thought why don’t we make the purse into something that keeps the bottle cold. And so “Freezerino”, a purse for a bottle, hand crafted in Italy with Enofoam Insulation was born.

The Freezerino sleeve does not need to be frozen before use or placed on ice. Once you place a bottle in a Freezerino, it will keep your bottle at that same temperature for up to an hour and a half.

Freezerino can be a perfect gift or can be elegantly displayed on tables as decoration while dinner is served.

They are just simply “Amazing”!

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